The House

The House Description

Very Large Home in Medici’s Palazzo of the 15th Century downtown in historical Center, Limited Traffic to Residents Only. 1 Block from Piazza San Marco, 4 min. walking from San Lorenzo Market, 8 min. walking from Duomo.
Perfect Home for Luxury Entertainment with a spacious Garden, adjacent to an old Church, a very special setting in the center of the city. All in Internal court, so not a single noise. An oasis in the center of the city.

History of Palazzo: Based on the research we performed in the oldest and most reputable libraries in Florence, we were able to retrieve historical confirmation that in fact, the building located at number 63 in Via S. Reparata (until the 1600s called Via del Campaccio) was built by Francesco I, of the Medici family, in the second half of the XVI century. It was most certainly used for their foundry business, and later as a private residence.
As described in a document preserved in the State Archives called “Miscellanea Medicea“, on May 9th, 1577, Antonio Medici (born from his father Francesco’s relationship with Bianca Cappello), received this property as part of his father’s will, in addition to 22 other villas in Florence and the surrounding area. Some of the other well known properties he owned were the Casino di San Marco and the Villa di Marignolle. The house at Via Santa Reparata 63, was for sure owned by the Medicis until Don Antonio’s death on May 2nd, 1621.

According to what we found in the libraries, the Palazzo then became the property of the Pandolfini family followed by the Venerosi Pasciolini, both very historically significant Florentian families. Our research confirms that in 1821, the house was owned by the Dumesnil family who sold it to the Mayer, whose ownership dates to 1886. It seems so that the building was owned by the most important Florentine dynasties from the XVI to the XIX century. Some of the palazzo’s rooms still display stunning, original 18th century frescos, that hint to its rich social and historical heritage.